How it all began <3

I know I stopped posting on here, but I just wanted to say thank you for everyone who fan girled over NS with me over the last few months or so! 


I can’t believe it’s all over. After all the ranting and the problems I had with the show, when I watched it end all I could think was now what will I do with my time? Serenate’s love had a tragic end, he was there alone while she got married, but you know what? She was it for him and we know that, there was no happy ending, but I accept it. Not all love stories end that way. 

I won’t complain about the things I didn’t like because there were many, but this was the first tv show I was ever so invested in and even made a tumblr about the two characters.

It’s all done now, so I’m going to make this blog a Chace Crawford and Blake Lively appreciation blog <3

Anonymous asked:
I just had an amazing idea. What if the whole Derena wedding pics were actually part of Dan's story? Like, you know, because it's the real people this time, not nicknames. God, I hope so.

That would actually make sense, I’m thinking that was done to troll everyone, people said not to believe all the pictures we have seen. It makes more sense for Chair to get married than Derena. 

Anonymous asked:
I know you believe that there is no Serenate endgame which is 99.9% possible (with the Derena wedding pics and all), but I'm an optimist. I am going to stick it out the remaining four episodes and torture myself until the end... until I KNOW for sure. Stupid GG writers! Why can't they end up together?

It would be such a twist if Serenate ended up together, it would actually be really smart of the GG writers to have fooled everyone and gave us a surprise endgame, but I don’t think they have it in them to really surprise us when it comes to ships. They’re going for the obvious when it comes to ships. 

coutureness asked:
Do you think Derena is all a scam? Because the voiceover in 6x07 at the end made it sound a lot like Dan is just using Serena for his Serena chapter! Maybe Georgina and Dan are just using the wedding for publicity or whatever? I just want Serenate to happen badly

I’m so sorry that I’m replying to this late. Derena has been seriously ruined, I don’t see how they can go back from what they’ve done now to the two of them being together in just two episodes. 

Maybe she doesn’t end up with anyone, I’m starting to think that might happen.. 

Anonymous asked:
Nate is punching Dan in the next episode promo. And now we know that Dan is only using Serena for a story. So do you think NOW there is hope for Serenate???

I’m awful because I just stayed away from this blog and I have a million questions to answer, so I’m sorry this is late. 

I really don’t know what’s happening or if Serenate even has a chance (I’ve pretty much given up all hope) but time after time Nate always proves that he cares about Serena more, even as a friend and to me at least I can always say yeah well Nate never wrote stupid things making Serena look bad or fake dated her just to write a mean article about her.

Maybe Serena ends the series alone and a strong person (one can only hope for that ending because at this point I don’t see how they can redeem Derena)

If Dan is Gossip Girl, I called it on August 31st! 

Anonymous asked:
Do you think that Serena and Nate will end up together because they are part of the reason the show started? I live for Serena and Nate and they need to end up together.

Honestly it would make sense if they did end up together, but this show is written by people who don’t have much intellect, so Serena and Nate will not end up together.

It sucks that this is happening since Dan is so awful to her, but the GG writers insist on having Derena as end game.

I gave up on this show, but at least we still have our Serenate videos and pictures <3 Fanfics is your best bet right now! In my opinion they’re more interesting than the actual show.